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Gulf Star Enterprise Est. is a distributor of industrial, and MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) products, with an access to over 500,000 stocked and competitively priced products, which are available to purchase 24 /7.
Gulf Star Enterprise Est., helps customers save time and money by providing them the right products to keep their facilities up and running.
Our customers are in different businesses and institutions. While each customer has a unique facility to operate and a different problem to solve, our customers all share the same requirement: when they need one of Gulf Star Enterprise Est. products, they often need it right away.

With our knowledgeable employees, The Gulf Star Enterprise Est. team works closely with customers to better understand their challenges and provide cost-saving solutions.
Gulf Star Enterprise Est. has implemented the modern Ecommerce solutions, technologies and professional service into Saudi Arabia & GCC Countries, to save customers time and money and help them get their job done easier and better.

Environmental Service

Gulf Star Enterprises Est, new Environmental Service Complex is providing our customers with a single source for all of their recycling, treatment and disposal needs.
Toxic and hazardous waste is an inevitable consequence of the modern era. Waste is steadily produced by the industrial sector, namely, chemical manufacturers, refineries, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and laboratories. Great concern has been shown by the public and government over environmental protection, proper and safe disposal of toxic and hazardous waste in industrialized countries.
Gulf Star Enterprise Est. understands these recycling, treatment & disposal problems and accepts the challenge of setting up a comprehensive toxic and hazardous waste management facility the capabilities of repacking, labeling of specialty chemicals and solvents.

ISO Tank Container Cleaning Services

We provide storage services for Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) and ISO tanks. We have dedicated 2,000 square meters for storage of drums in pallets, and 8,000 square meters for storage of ISO tankers and IBC containers, both loaded and empty.

Offshore Workshop Container & Store

Our Refurbished containers provide secure and safe storage of all kinds of materials, parts and components. Cabins provide proper accommodation for working staff and can be delivered including furniture and appliances. Both can be delivered and positioned onsite fast and can be stacked up to 3 high if space is limited. This means that turnkey buildings can be operational at short notice. Special working containers can be provided with storage shelves, working benches and equipped with electrical installation, lighting, etc. Special storage compartments can be constructed with extra entrance doors. Gulf Star Enterprise Est. cabin containers serving as shelter can come fully equipped with technical, electrical and telecom installations. We can also provide electrabox solutions to your power supply needs. The electrabox is well known as a container shelter for temporary electrical supply on building sites or during renovation projects.

Akhbar AlNeqel

First Arabic news portal dedicated to transport & logistic Industry in Saudi Arabia , GCC & Middle East.

Digital transformation in transportation and logistics

Logistics is being digitalized, but how do you benefit the most from it? We are a modern 3PL operator focusing on digitalization of the supply chain. We are a mix of logistics professionals and digital intelligence.

More significantly, digital platforms will become increasingly important in the logistics industry, allowing small companies to have a global reach and compete with the sector’s established giants. Over the next few years, the race to build a dominant global platform will transform the customer’s experience of logistics and will be the central issue in determining which enterprises will be the winners and losers in a truly digital logistics industry.

Logistic services in smart way Digital logistics is real-time control of logistics information flows and related services. It is a collection of software’s, solutions and technological platforms. We serve our customers by creating total solution for specified demands. It bases on our long-term knowledge in logistics, strong network of global partners and dedicated technological solutions. And this will be platform for our most valuable feature Service.

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